Who We Are

CCC DECO is a non-profit corporation that operates exclusively for educational purposes. The focus of CCC DECO is to promote online student success and quality distance education programs within the California Community College system. Through collaboration and centralized resource sharing, we will seek to provide support and professional development for the faculty and DE support staff of the California Community Colleges. We will also work to develop and promote distance education policies and practices in the State legislature, Chancellor’s office, and local districts and colleges.

The Executive Committee comprises five DE Coordinators from the CCC community. Each is elected for a two-year term of volunteer service. Elections and all other organizational business are conducted annually at the DE Coordinators Retreat, held during the Online Teaching Conference (OTC) for the CCC community.

What We Do

    • Provide leadership in the Distance Education Coordinator Community
    • Maintain a website that contains links to resources for the DEC community
    • Host and coordinate a monthly DEC online meeting
    • Represent DECs on committees/workgroups at the state level
    • Volunteer to coordinate activities benefitting DECs
    • Conduct an Annual Retreat that serves as a place to receive updates, learn about new tools and resources, and share ideas with our fellow DECs
    • Maintain a discussion forum for interaction and archiving of ideas between DECs

Benefits of Membership

  • Become a part of the DEC community and show your commitment to professional development and enhance your credentials.
  • Add your voice to the conversation and share your ideas and experiences with your colleagues.
  • Stay current with strategies and initiatives at other institutions.
  • Offer your insights to the people serving on influential committees to improve the quality of and support for DECs and Distance Education.
  • Gain knowledge to support the work done on your campus.
  • Engage in networking that cuts across disciplines.   
  • Vote in CCC DECO elections.
  • Gain access to experienced DECs for Accreditation support.


View the current bylaws.